So what do the stories of the Diné Hero Twins have to share with us today?

• They offer indigenous wisdom passed down through the ages.

• They are tales about coming of age and of discovering our true passions.

• They help us to understand core patterns or issues in human behavior such as abandonment, sorrow, grief, anxiety, depression, loneliness and the need for unity and acceptance.

• They point us towards a future where the old teachings meet new technologies.

When we come to understand this concept the world
comes alive with symbols and metaphors, which trans-
forms our black and white reality into vivid living color.
Our closest friends and family become bold characters
with life lessons to share with us. Every interaction is
filled with meaning. We become aware of every wind that blows and every bird that chirps. We realize that we are intimately connected to all of
nature and the world around us. In those moments we move beyond the need for a simple meaning for life
and move into the experience of being alive.

People who discipline themselves to have positive thoughts and words see the world more positively.

The myth of the hero is famous throughout the world. The tales tell of someone who dedicates his or her life to something greater than or other than himself or herself. The hero, therefore is someone who has a range and capability of experience, physical or psychological, that is beyond the normal range of human experience. The journey is not merely for adventure or fame, but instead to be of service to his or her people.

The adventure begins with the individual separating from their known reality. After undergoing the trials, the hero will be bestowed with a fulfillment of some sort. This may be in the form of a magical tool or enlightening wisdom of some sort, such as spiritual armor. Finally the hero/ine must return to be of service to those who could benefit from what he or she has achieved.