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Fire Pit On Wheels | Wayfair

Fire Pit On Wheels | Wayfair. fire pit on wheels
Source: fire pit on wheels.

Building a Gas Fire Pit | Complete Guide to Gas Fire Features

Building a gas fire pit will provide so much value to your outdoor living space!

If you want to learn more about installing fire features...
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The next steps for preparing your fire pit would be choosing the layout, excavating, and preparing the base. Installing your fire pit using wall blocks would typically involve preparing a traditional base for a retaining wall which would include embedding 6” of your retaining wall block below grade and preparing a 6-8” compacted base.

In this example we prepared our fire pit on a synthetic base using these paver base panels. With this, we are able to build a natural gas fire feature that is no more than 18” in height. This method also provides us with some flexibility as we can build the fire pit first or after laying out our pavers to see where it will land and cutting it in afterwards. It allows us some wiggle room to shift our fire pit in any direction as long as it can still be hooked up to where the gas line comes up.

If choosing a wood burning fire pit, you would have to install it on a traditional base and either line the inside of the wall block with fire brick or a metal liner to prevent the degredation of the wall blocks caused by the heat. Gas fire pits save you from smelling like smoke, provide an ease of starting a fire, and when hooked up properly are much safer. Especially with more bylaws being introduced restricting wood burning fire pits in cities, gas fire pits are becoming increasingly popular.

Preparation is key when installing a fire pit. We start with choosing the fire pit plate that the client wants, whether circular, square, rectangular, or a completely custom design, and then choose the size and finally the wall block that we will build the fire pit out of. We chose a 24” fire pit plate which allows us to build a fire pit with this product involving no cuts and allows for our natural stone caps to be placed on this wall block with a 1.5” overhang which will help to conceal the under-cap lighting we put in.

The fire pit plate rests on brackets that are provided and can be fastened to the inside of the wall blocks. On this project, we were able to use some of the wall corner units that extended past where the caps would rest and grinded them down to the height we needed them to be to allow the burner to rest below the height of the caps.

You can get creative with the remainder of your fire pit including adding under-cap lighting as we did on this project. Especially in a small space like this, lighting makes the space seem larger than it is and also serves a similar purpose that the fire pit does, allowing the client to enjoy their space and entertain well into the evenings.

Adding a border to your fire pit will also help to contrast it to the space that it is in. With this fire pit, we added crushed black granite with an added adhesive to prevent it from being kicked onto the patio and added a gloss to it for the lighting to shine down on.

There are various mediums you can choose to fill the plate of the fire pit including lava rock, glass, or even some decorative logs. Glass windguards not only protect the flame, but also reflect it making it look larger than it actually is especially at night. Covers are also a must to protect your brass burner from the elements.

These fire pits burners are manufactured by Warming Trends and create a large and authentic flame with their system while remaining efficient with the amount of gas they burn. They have match lit options as well as electronic lit burners. The electronic lit burners come with an additional cost for the equipment, but also with having to subcontract an electrician to complete the hook up. Though the electronic lit burners provide a larger flame with a higher BTU output with the convenience of not having to light it manually.

Fire pits are a service that you should be including as a hardscaper as they provide so much value to your clients while also adding to your portfolio and bottom line, especially with their ease of installation. All you need to do is research the specifications for which a fire pit can be installed in your area and find a quality subcontractor that you can rely on to create a safe connection.

Fire pits add to an outdoor living space creating an additional room to your client’s home. Fire pits will increase the length of time that they can enjoy their space into the evening and especially into the winter.

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Fire Pit On Wheels | Wayfair

Fire Pit On Wheels | Wayfair. fire pit on wheels
Source: fire pit on wheels. : Firegear Match Light Gas Fire Pit Burner Kit  (FPB-44DBS36MT-N), Round Flat Pan, Natural Gas, 44-inch : Patio, Lawn &  Garden
Source: : Firegear Match Light Gas Fire Pit Burner Kit (FPB-44DBS36MT-N), Round Flat Pan, Natural Gas, 44-inch : Patio, Lawn & Garden.

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