Epic Days – School-Based Rites of Passage

Epic Days are day-long events held on campus involving up to 100 students and 25-adult volunteers. The day is filled with run around games and activities as well as motivational speeches and moving testimonials. Topic such as oppression, bullying, violence, suicide, drugs and alcohol and the effects of modern society and historical trauma are addressed.

8-Week Cycle – After School Cultural/Adventure Program

This adventure rite of passage program is based on 8-core mythologies of the Diné, Twin Heroes, Monster Slayer and Born for Water. Participants go hiking, camping, archery, swimming, rock climbing, fishing, white water rafting, snow sports and much more. Students also learn about community issues such as bullying, violence, drug and alcohol and suicide.

Mentoring – School-Based Character Education

Graduates of the Epic Day and 8-Week Cycle will often go on to an in-school, mentoring class led or co-led by the school’s character education teacher, cultural practitioner or counselor. In the class concepts from the Epic Day and 8-Week Cycle are addressed more deeply. Also, mentors are trained up to run follow up assemblies, booster rallies and other prevention education events for their peer and younger students.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program

School wide change can be facilitated using the power of Epic Days and campus-wide mentoring activities through a school-wide, social emotional learning program. The program focuses on creating a “positive peer culture” through experiential and small group learning and is consistent with the Dine’ Hero Project values.